Company Mandate


BreakAway Loyalty is a company that provides consultation,
project management, and loyalty program administration.


We've developed a points engine that manages points via data files on cartridge and/or CD, or by direct connection to processors. Our goal is to allow clients to share the new technologies we can provide, thus making it less expensive for all parties to use them.


Our company is targeting mid-range clients. We seek to create a partnership atmosphere where you're more than just a client. We're also prepared to re-evaluate your program costs every 6 months to lower them as often as we can and still maintain a profit margin that will allow us to provide the best possible service in all areas.



We've submitted and have patents pending for our new settlement process that includes a relationship with Orbitz for Business.

We're using their Orbitz for Business booking engine for all of our airline bookings. They create custom websites on Orbitz for Business for all our individual clients, branded with client specific information which you can design. The key way we help your financial institution generate income: BreakAway Loyalty is issued a business card, or whatever credit card gives you the highest interchange, and we use that card for all your airline charges.


If you have $2 million annual dollars of airline ticket bookings, that will generate annual revenue to you of approximately $50,000, at a 2.5% rate, for the interchange you receive on the credit card you issued BreakAway Loyalty. We also have interchange mechanisms for all Merchandise, Retail Gift Cards, and Hotel Certificates. All these return revenue streams lower the program operating costs significantly. Plus, our relationship with Orbitz for Business gives you access to web fares that are historically

much less expensive than tickets generated from the standard Global Distribution Systems (GDS).


In summary, we've incorporated the ability for reward programs to have access to web based fares (cheaper), and we've

created a payment methodology that generates a new revenue stream for the financial institution (2.5 - 3.0% per transaction).

Our partnership atmosphere means you won't feel lost in the shuffle of reward administrators that are trying to serve 50 - 60 clients.

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